Episode 0106
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt let's us in on the fourth most important thing we must have for life. You'll never guess what it is! Then, a fascinating interview with Lawrence Smith. And, do you know what mineral most of us are deficient in? This and more in this new episode! TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0105
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt shares what really causes heart burn and how to stop it. Then Juliana DiGiosia, MD discusses where modern medicine fails. Lifting weights? Find out new weight-lifting techniques with film stunt expert, Don Shanks and professional trainer, Carlie Young. All this and more in this informative episode! TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0104
TrueHealthShow.com In this new episode, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt shares what you can do NOW to save yourself from hair loss LATER. What's one of the most important things you can do for your health? Dr. Karlfeldt explains. Then join Dr. Karlfeldt in an uplifting interview with Randall Malin D.C. - all this and more in […]

Episode 0103
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt has a lot in store for this episode of "True.Health with Dr. Karlfeldt!" Dr. Kraig Knotts of The Karlfeldt Center shows us how chronic headaches can be eased by chiropractic techniques. One of Hollywood's top stunt men Don Shanks, along with professional trainer Carlie Young, show us how to get ready […]

Episode 0102
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talks to Betty Bridges about saving her son, Todd Bridges (TV's "Diff'rent Strokes" child actor) from drugs. Also, Kim Echelmeier shares her harrowing story of illness and how she found her way back to health. Plus much more! TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0101
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talks about the myths of calcium, gives advice on smart shopping and talks to actor, Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen's brother) about life and his struggle with alcohol. TrueHealthShow.com



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