Instant pain management; Native American Shaman

Dr. Simon Voitanik shows us, on Dr. Michael Karlfledt, his amazingly accurate and effective pain elimination done through ultrasound and electric pulse. Dr. Voitanik was the doctor for pain management for the KGB and Communist Party of the Soviet Union, before it was dissolved. When asked about how he acquired his abilities, he responded with only a slight smirk" "I worked for KGB. Failure is not an option." Dr. Karlfeldt also interviews Native American Shaman LeRoy Cheney, who shares healing techniques and discusses his 30-year apprenticeship.

Birthing alternatives; animal muscle testing

A child-intensive episode, Dr. Karlfeldt discusses healthy snacks for kids, then visits a pre-school, where we get a hands-on example of muscle-testing for what's healthy and what's not. Next, Charlotte Salinas Wilkes, CNM, APRM shares the beauty of alternative birthing techniques and the assets for the parents and the baby. And last, muscle testing on producer Catrine McGregor's dog, Dino, reveals a renal infection, for which echinacea is recommended.

Transcedental meditation; documentary The Greater Good, about vaccines

Dr. Karlfeldt shares tips on BBQing and how to avoid carcinogens while still enjoying the social aspects of the ritual. Leslie Manookian, a Sun Valley based documentarian, hosts a Q&A about her award-wining documentary The Greater Good, which discloses some of the dangers of vaccines, such as elevated amounts of mercury. In segment three, long-time Transcendental Meditation expert Michael Dimick shares with us the mind-altering assets of TM and its current applications with at-risk students and veteran PTSD.

Transformers actor Glenn Morshower; Manifesting Love

We catch up with renown actor Glenn Morshower (24, Transformers, etc...) at the Sundance Film Festival and learn about his fascinating take on life and keeping it positive. Dr. Tammi Balizewski explains the precepts of her book 'Manifesting Love' and create the world that we want to live in.

Reiki Shaman and healthy desserts (chocolate too!)

Dr. Karlfeldt talks to Shaman Melodie McBride and learns about energy healing using Reiki. Then have fun cooking healthy desserts with Chef Cristina Drake! Did you hear? Chocolate can be healthy for you! Find out why in this episode.

Chinese herbs; life as a little person; adrenal stress

Dr. Karlfeldt gives tips on living in a city and being healthy. Daniel Frandson learns to shop for healthy snacks and we take you to Chinatown in LA and talk to a Chinese herbalist. Little person Travis Eberhard tells his inspiring story.

Pranic healing; exercise tips; healthy Mexican food

Don Shanks and Carlie Young show you strengthening exercises at the kitchen counter. Then Dr. Karlfeldt cooks a healthy Mexican feast with Chef Cristina Drake. The power of Pranic Healing is explained and demonstrated by expert Isabel Lacayo.

Vaccinations; lyme disease and healthy game-time food

Dr. Karlfeldt talks about Lyme disease & how it is often misdiagnosed. Also, find out how to create healthy 'game time' snacks with Chef Cristina Drake. Then, an in- depth interview with Leslie Manookian reveals the truth about vaccinations.

Cannabis cures; raw diet and the dangers of low-fat foods

Dr.Karlfeldt covers diabetes and the dangers of low fat foods. Dr. Deb Roman tells how a raw diet can heal you from a chronic illness. Cannabis. A miracle drug? Michael Backes tells us about cannabis and its medicinal uses.

Seinfeld's The Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Chef Cristina Drake teach you alternatives to unhealthy cooking - and have a blast while doing so! Then, a heartfelt, deeply personal interview with Larry Thomas, the one and only "Soup Nazi!"