Episode 0112
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talks to Shaman Melodie McBride and learns about energy healing using Reiki. Then have fun cooking healthy desserts with Chef Cristina Drake and Dr. Michael! Did you hear? Chocolate can be healthy for you! Find out why in this informative segment. All this and more on this new episode! TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0111
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt gives us survival tips on how to live in a big city and still maintain our health. Then Daniel Frandson finds out how to shop for healthy snacks in a typical grocery store. Chinatown in Los Angeles? We take you there and talk to a Chinese American herbalist. Travis Eberhard, featured […]

Episode 0110
TrueHealthShow.com Strengthening exercises at the kitchen counter? Don Shanks and Carlie Young show you how. Then Dr. Michael Karlfeldt cooks up a healthy Mexican feast with Chef Cristina Drake. The power of Pranic Healing is explained and demonstrated by expert Isabel Lacayo. All this and more in this new episode. TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0109
TrueHealthShow.com Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talks about Lyme disease and how it is often misdiagnosed. Also, find out how to create healthy 'game time' snacks with Chef Cristina Drake. then, an in depth interview with Leslie Manookian reveals the truth about vaccinations. This and more in this new episode! TrueHealthShow.com

Episode 0107
TrueHealthShow.com Eating healthy in a Sports Bar!? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt shows us how. Then witness an interview that may change your life. Rabbi Stephen Robbins will rock your world. This and more in this new episode! TrueHealthShow.com
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